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ExpertDepend on Plumbing Medics to take care of all your plumbing concerns in Adelaide with fast, same day service and 24/7 emergency repairs.

Our comprehensive plumbing solutions include:

•    Hot Water – same day repairs, new installations, energy efficient options.
Plumbing•    Pipes – leak detection and repairs, pipe replacements, new pipe installations including copper alternatives.
•    Drains and Sewers – drains unblocked, repairs, replacements
•    Commercial and Strata plumbing – around the clock services for strata properties and commercial plumbing needs.
Water•    Toilets – blockage removal, leak repairs, non-flushing repairs, new installations, water efficiency solutions.
•    Bathrooms – sink, tap, drain, bath, shower and toilet repairs, installations and remodels, leak detection and repairs, sink and drain blockage removal.
•    Water Quality – water conditioning and softening.
Service•    Water Pressure – low water pressure solutions.
•    Noisy Pipes – solutions and repairs to banging or shuddering pipes.
•    Kitchens – sink, tap, garbage disposal and ice machine repairs and installations, leak detection and repairs, sink and drain blockage removal.
•    Appliance Connections – dishwasher, fridge and ice machine connections.
•    Backflow Prevention – testing and prevention solutions.
•    Accessibility Solutions – complete accessibility solutions for the mobility impaired including easy to turn taps, easy to use showers and toilets.

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